The entire company is united in challenging all possibilities.

Since our founding in 1966 as a company that edits and produces text and images, our first priority has been to deliver high quality products under the mottos of "kindness," "promptness," "accuracy," and "attractive manufacturing. He spared no effort to achieve this goal and promoted the introduction of cutting-edge information technology from early on. One such system is IEPS (ISHII Electronics Prepress System), an integrated text and image processing system that integrates text typesetting and color prepress technologies.
In the 1990s, the company was among the first to embark on the IT revolution and the structural reforms that accompanied it. We verified each operation on a company-wide scale, reviewed business processes, etc., and achieved company-wide digitization. As a result, the company has evolved into one that handles everything from print media to electronic media, creating a speedy, high-quality, low-cost printing vision. We have evolved into a "comprehensive information processing business.
In today's increasingly information-oriented society, further change and innovation are required in the face of increasing sophistication and complexity. At ISHII Group, we will continue to challenge all possibilities to meet the needs of our customers with flexible ideas and cutting-edge technology.
We look forward to your warm guidance and support.

Chairman and Representative Director Yosuke Ishii
Chairperson and
Representative Director
Yosuke Ishii
President and Representative Director Kazutaka Ishii
President and
Representative Director
Kazutaka Ishii

Corporate Philosophy

As a bearer of information culture, we will contribute to the interaction and enrichment of society by earning the trust of our customers.

Activity Guidelines

We build customer trust through activities based on sincerity and speed.
We will develop our business by broadening our horizons and developing unique marketing and technology.
We will conduct fair and open corporate activities and fulfill our social responsibilities.
We create a rewarding work culture by leveraging our unique skills development and teamwork.
We are committed to exploring future possibilities, enhancing our company's presence, and ensuring the enduring development of the ISHII Group.


ISHII Inc. has registered as a business operator under the Osaka Prefecture's
"Declaration of Lively and Vigorous Work by Men and Women" to create an environment where both men and
women can work with vigor and vitality, and has been certified as a leading company for women's activities in Osaka City.

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