Photograph & Movie

Dynamic "attractive" and "usable" content

We can also propose methods to increase product awareness by using technologies that dynamically attract content, such as 360°view, which allows the viewer to see the product from various angles, and "digital signage," which is a moving poster.

Video Shooting and Editing

Video has become an indispensable part of the website.
It is one of the necessary contents to differentiate your products from competitors, such as visually appealing the functionality of your products to end users or introducing your company or department to them.

Steel Equipment
Photography Camera
Nikon D850 2 units
Lighting Equipment
SUNSTAR X-1203AⅡ 1 unit, 2 lights
SUNSTAR X-2403AⅡ 1 unit, 2 lights
400W monoblock two lights
Movie Equipment
Photography Camera
Canon EOS100C mark2 1 unit
Nikon D850
DJI Inspire2 1unit
DJI Phantom4 Pro 2unit
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 2unit
External Recorder/Microphone
Recorder ZOOM H6 1 unit
Pin microphone TASCAM DR10L 3 units

Video Editing Equipment

editing software
Adobe After Effects 2020
Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
Final Cut ProX
DVD authoring software
Adobe Encore CS6
Animation Creation Software
Adobe After Effects 2019
Audio Editing Software
Adobe Audition CC 2019

Drone Aerial Photography Services

We offer you a wonderful world of aerial photography.
A drone equipped with a 4K camera will provide three-dimensional and powerful images from unprecedented angles.
Safety is our top priority. We are insured against property and bodily injury, so you can rest assured that we will be there for you in the event of an emergency.

Still Photography

Our exclusive photographers are available to accompany you on location or for interviews, or to shoot at a location of your choice.
We also have a fully equipped in-house studio for photography, which allows us to take both product photography of household goods, stationery, and clothing, as well as portraits.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is already replacing traditional billboards and posters.
We also create and edit videos as promotional tools for advertising and attracting customers, add "movement" to still images, and add narration.
Please consult with us about everything from new creation to processing and re-editing of supplied data.

Simulate the effect of room lighting

Signage + Commercial Development

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