Cloud file server for easy sharing of large data.

iiDAM is ISHII's proprietary cloud server for file management suitable for data sharing.
Its simple structure makes it easy for anyone to use and allows for smooth uploading and downloading of data.
Data contents such as images and videos can also be conveniently viewed in the browser.

Convenience of iDAM

  • Share data anytime, anywhere via the Internet.
  • Smooth sharing of large data.
  • Easy to upload and download data.
  • No data decompression required. Uploaded videos, images, etc. can be viewed in the browser.
  • Since it can also be displayed on mobile devices, large amounts of data can be easily carried around.
  • Security is assured as ISHII manages the building at all times.

How iDAM works

A dedicated server for the customer is available on the cloud server.
A dedicated server for the customer is available on the cloud server.A dedicated server for the customer is available on the cloud server.。
The server is organized in a hierarchy by file, which makes it easy to organize.

How to operate iDAM


Centralized data efficiency. A database that builds the next generation.

DAM-SERVER is ISHII's private cloud. By centralizing various documents, images, layout data, etc., data can be managed efficiently, and data sharing within the company as well as with clients can be facilitated.

Convenience of DAM-SERVER

  • No need for a dedicated application. Browse anytime, anywhere with a web browser.
  • You can download the file format of your choice and save the time and effort of data conversion.
  • Easy-to-operate design for intuitive operation.
  • Separate copyright protection settings are also available. Prevent problems before they happen.

How DAM-SERVER works

How DAM-SERVER works

ISHII's Private Cloud DAM-SERVER Digital Assets Management Server

ISHII's private cloud "DAM-SERVER": DAM-SERVER:.
The system can be operated intuitively via a web browser, and regular data maintenance ensures that the system is always in optimal condition.
Efficient data management is realized by centralizing important images, various layout data, presentation documents, etc.
It has become an indispensable tool in the production workflow, not to mention its use by manufacturers.
Copyright protection settings are also available separately.
You can place download restrictions on photo data not taken by the company or on leased photos and illustrations that have usage restrictions, preventing problems before they occur.

Use Cases

Since its adoption by the client, the catalog has been in operation for more than 10 years, and regular maintenance by ISHII ensures that the catalog data is always maintained up-to-date.
It is also used as a data sharing service to exchange data with customers and numerous production companies, and has been well received.

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