Evolutionary media that pursues "usable

This is not just an e-book that you can flip through, but also includes unique features such as the ability to download the images used in the book. From "seeing" to "using. ISHII's "DIGITAL BOOK" is a new media that has evolved to be more expressive.


  1. ❶Zoom in/out function

    You can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel button.

  2. ❷Printing function

    You can print the book.

  3. ❸PDF

    You can download the PDF file.

  4. ❹URL

    You can paste the URL of the book into an e-mail or other medium.

  5. ❺Character Selection

    You can select letters and use them in other applications.

  6. ❻sticky function

    You can select text and background colors.

  7. ❼pen function

    Free-form curves can be drawn with the mouse.

  8. ❽search function

    Full-text search is case-insensitive for full- and half-size kana, numbers, and English capital letters.

high level DIGITAL BOOK

An editable digital book designed to be used rather than viewed.
Text extraction allows for easy conversion to proposals, planning documents, etc.
Video and audio display is also available. The tablet and smartphone versions are also useful as presentation and sales promotion tools, both inside and outside the company.

  • iPad version (iPhone version) also available
  • option
    • Added color palette function

      The color of the product can be changed on the screen.

    • 3DCG functionality added

      You can move your fingers to the back of the product.
      Live action can also be used.

    • Video and audio functions added

      Video and audio can be embedded.
      Detailed guidance can be explained.

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