Graphic Image

Casually amazing technology, yes!

New product, no images... Then let's make one!
If you have a drawing, we can make it into a 3DCG. We can also create packaging dummies, composite images, and create moving images. We can create a shape from nothing to meet your needs.


Perspective views such as images and perspectives, which are difficult to capture by photography, can be made into realistic images by 3DCG.
For example, we can expand our approach to end-users by publishing simulations of interior and interior redecorating on our website.

Image Processing

CMS (Color Management System) compliant with Japan Color is adopted. It reproduces richly colored images, including images taken by ISHII, image data supplied by the customer, and image prints, as well as color tone correction and image compositing. Of course, scanning and positive decomposition are also supported.

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