Full digital prepress systems made with the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology

Digital pull-fingering system

Falbard AQUA + PX-H10000 (Output size:B0)

RIP data is output via Falbard AQUA and printed out on the PX-H10000 printer before final output, making it ideal for checking printing color samples, RIP errors, trapping errors, and corrections, as well as for checking imposition. The PX-H10000 can also output posters and POP up to B0 size. The color reproduction is close to that of printing using ICC profiles and gradation curves, and supports not only CMYK colors but also special colors such as CMYK+special colors and two-color plate making.


VPS allows for plate inspection just before output. The VPS (Virtual Proofing System) outputs the same screening as the printing plate output by CTP, and the output results can be checked on a monitor immediately before the printing plate is output.

More freedom, PDF workflow system. Prinergy provides a workflow that controls the process from file submission to prepress and plate/film output. The powerful PDF processing engine creates print-ready PDFs quickly and reliably.


Creo Trendsetter800QuantmF(FM compatibleFM compatible) (Output size:B3~A1)

This thermal platesetter is capable of plate exposure for offset printing with 8-sided support, and achieves high quality imaging with SQUARESPOT technology.

Fujifilm XR-2000Features

  • Developer waste liquid, only "one-eighth

    We have finally introduced a system that can immediately reduce the amount of waste developing solution, which has been long awaited as an environmental measure for the printing plate process. By concentrating the waste liquid, the amount of waste liquid discharged as industrial waste is reduced to only 1/8. The remaining 7/8 is recycled water that can be reused. The environmental benefits are obvious.

  • Significantly reduced industrial waste

    Thermal CTP developer effluent can be concentrated up to one-eighth of its original volume. The amount of industrial waste treatment can be significantly reduced. In addition, the remaining "distilled reclaimed water" is of a quality that allows discharge into the sewage system.。

  • Contributing to the prevention of global warming

    The significant reduction in the frequency of liquid waste collection leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions associated with waste transportation and final disposal, thereby contributing to the prevention of global warming.

Fujifilm XR-2000Features Fujifilm XR-2000Features

Proof Master

Proof Master is a water-based inkjet printer for proofing this paper. Its greatest feature is its compatibility with a wide range of paper types used in printing, including coated, matte, and fine paper. The Rip software used to control the printer is "Falbard AQUA" by Konica Minolta, Inc. This software enables color reproduction that is extremely close to that of actual printed materials. This rip software is based on 1-bit TIFF input and reproduces pseudo-retrodots.

Konica Digital Konsensus Premium (Output size:A1)

Mid-range digital proofing with excellent reproduction capability, color matching by ICCProfile and two types of dedicated paper for better matching performance with the printing press. Special output and FM screen output are also supported.

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