xmf Remote

Digital proofreading system that can be easily checked on a browser.

The xmf Remote, which allows data proofreading checks to be performed on a browser, makes it easy to check and write correction instructions even when working from home or on a business trip. This is a very convenient system that allows multiple people to share proofreading in real time.

Convenience of xmf Remote

  • No dedicated application required.
    Accessible anytime, anywhere with only an internet connection and a browser.
  • Register proofreading confirmation and correction instructions with intuitive and easy operation.
  • Includes a "diff function" to compare before and after modifications.
    Even unexpected mistakes in changing parts can be seen at a glance.
  • Two or more people can calibrate at the same time.
    Proofreading content can be shared in real time.
  • Exchange large amounts of data that cannot be sent by e-mail.
    With "Job File Transfer."

How xmf Remote works

Approve printed materials over the Internet.

Progress can be tracked at a glance, making it easy to see when different people are in charge of different pages.
You can notify each person in charge by e-mail at each stage of drafting, proofreading, etc.

How to operate xmf Remote

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