Creative for all occasions, flexible but with a core.


Create ideas.

Ideas are the foundation of planning, editing, and design, and they require the energy to create something that has never existed before. In this process, ISHII places importance on the novelty of the idea, and at the same time, the practicality of firmly grasping the characteristics of the market and the client.
ISHII calls the first idea that can combine both of these two.

Create expression.

Expression is to communicate. To create advertising expressions that resonate with people's hearts, it is necessary to put passion into it. We are sometimes bold, but always focused on high quality, with visuals that are in line with the target audience. We believe that this is where creative expression can be transmitted.

Creating the next generation.

Creativity is required not only in planning and expression, but also in the very mechanism that produces them.
Always looking ahead to the next generation, anticipating the future, and building systems that are needed. ISHII is motivated by this and continues to take on the challenge to be more creative.

  • Planning and Editing

    Please consult with us about your "Trouble! Please consult with us. Our creative staff, who generate a variety of ideas, will listen to your ideas so that they can be meticulously reproduced.

  • Design

    We take the basic elements necessary for design, such as copy, images, and illustrations, and add ISHII's unique essence to create a form that meets the client's needs.

  • Copying and interviewing

    We can provide a wide range of writing needs, including sales copy tailored to the target audience needed to "sell" or "inform," interviews for interview articles, and rewrites of client-supplied manuscripts.

  • Illustration

    A variety of illustrations and cuts that add to the design and make it more compelling for promotional tools and other purposes. Depending on your needs, we can draw original characters, create corporate marks, and more.

  • Graphic Image

    We handle everything related to photographic images, including photographic materials and 3DCG required for tools, as well as video and still photography.
    Of course, we are also capable of reproducing color tones and other details.


    We produce high quality websites in collaboration with our planning and design departments, so whether you want to redesign your website, increase conversions, or reduce operating costs by implementing a CMS, we are happy to discuss your issues. We will make the best proposal for your business model.

  • Program development

    We build product pages and e-commerce sites linked to core systems and databases, and develop various programs in-house, using a variety of programming languages including PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Bash, Ruby, C#, and Unity. We also improve usability by streamlining DTP work through automated typesetting using InDesign and customizing digital books.

  • CMS Development

    It is a system that allows you to edit content on the Web. Customers can freely edit and update their own content, such as new information, product information, blogs, gallery pages, etc.
    We also customize WordPress and other applications to create a highly flexible CMS.

  • Hosting service / Various server construction

    We build various types of servers. Customers can choose from shared, VPS, Cloud, or dedicated servers according to their needs, and we provide support for everything from contracting to the start of service on their behalf. We will provide security measures and a strict management system for your important data. We also offer the option of moving from your current server to the latest inexpensive service.

  • One-stop service from aerial photography to video production using drones!

    Why don't you express images that were difficult to convey from the ground with realistic aerial photography?
    Conventional manned aircraft required high fees for filming, but advances in radio control and aircraft control technology have made inexpensive filming by unmanned aircraft possible. Aerial imaging, which was previously unaffordable to the general public, is now possible at a surprisingly low cost.

Tool Deployment Example

  • VI Tools
  • Marks, Logos, and Logotypes
  • Company Profile
  • School Information
  • PR magazine
  • company newsletter
  • commemorative publication
  • Product Brochures
  • Product Catalog
  • Poster and other print media
  • web site
  • web advertising
  • Images and Video
  • 3DCG
  • move
  • model
  • Events
  • exhibition
  • Booth Design
  • Mass media advertising
  • novelty goods
  • collaborative project
  • and more

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