Color Management System

xmf Remote" allows data proofreading checks to be performed on a browser, making it easy to check and write correction instructions from a browser, even when working from home or on a business trip. This is a very convenient system that allows multiple people to share proofreading in real time.

A color management system is a system that uniformly manages colors among different devices such as digital cameras, monitors, printers, and printing presses in the process of creating printed materials.
ISHII is committed to numerical standardization of printing presses, and applies Japan Color compliant standard printing to all its products. The numerical color information is applied to each device in the prepress department as a standard ICC profile to implement total color management and provide products that satisfy customers.

Color Space Ttransformation

It changes the color space from device-dependent colors such as RGB and CMYK (device independent colors) to independent colors (device independent colors = CIE,L*a*b). ICC Profile" and "CMM" are used to convert the color space.

■ICC Profile
A file that defines the characteristics of the device's color space. This is used to perform conversion for each device.
It corrects the color gamut of each device and manages color delivery between devices to match the colors reproduced by each device.
colour space transformation

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